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LabVIEW searches among hundreds of example VIs you can use and incorporate into VIs that you create. In addition to the example VIs that ship with LabVIEW, you also can access hundreds of example VIs on the support page. You can modify an example VI to fit an application, or you can copy and paste from one or more example VIs into a VI that you create.

Complete the following steps to browse or search installed example VIs and example VIs on the Web.

  1. Select Help»Find Examples to launch the NI Example Finder.
  2. Use the Browse or Search page of the NI Example Finder to find an example VI.
Note  If you add .llb or .vi files to the labview\examples directory, you can select Help»Find Examples to browse them by directory structure, but you cannot browse them by functionality or search them by keyword. You must add VIs you want to appear in the NI Example Finder as top-level VIs. You also can prepare example VIs to appear in the NI Example Finder to browse by functionality and search by keywords.

Use the NI Example Finder to search or browse for VI-based or project-based examples for LabVIEW. When you open a project-based example, the LabVIEW project file (.lvproj) opens in the Project Explorer window. Double-click the VI under My Computer in the Project Explorer window to open the example.

Refer to the NI Example Finder Help for more information about finding examples using the NI Example Finder. Click the Help button in the NI Example Finder to display the NI Example Finder Help.

You also can access examples using the Open example and Find related examples buttons located at the bottom of certain VI and function reference topics in the LabVIEW Help. Click the Open example button to open the example VI to which the topic refers. Click the Find related examples button to open the NI Example Finder and display related example VIs.

You also can right-click a VI or function on the block diagram or on a pinned palette and select Examples from the shortcut menu to open a help topic with links to examples for that VI or function.

Tip  Search the KnowledgeBase at for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers or solutions.


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