Graphing Multiple Data Types on a Mixed Signal Graph

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Graphing multiple data on a mixed signal graph is similar to graphing waveform data, XY data, and digital data on other graphs. You can wire any data type accepted by waveform, XY, or digital waveform graphs to the mixed signal graph.

Complete the following steps to graph multiple data types on a mixed signal graph.

  1. Before wiring data directly to a graph, use the Bundle function to merge the data types into the mixed signal graph.
  2. Wire the data to the elements of the Bundle function.
  3. Wire the output cluster of the Bundle function to the mixed signal graph. LabVIEW automatically creates plot areas to accommodate combinations of analog and digital data. By default, the mixed signal graph displays digital data as digital lines and buses in the plot area.

Refer to the Mixed Signal Graph VI in the labview\examples\Controls and Indicators\Graphs and Charts\Mixed Signal Graph directory for an example of graphing multiple data types on a mixed signal graph.

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