Avoiding Wiring Unwired Output Tunnels on Case Structures

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You can create multiple input and output tunnels for a Case structure. Inputs are available to all case subdiagrams, but all subdiagrams do not have to use each input. Refer to the Case Structure - Selector Data Types VI in the labview\examples\Structures directory for an example of using Case structures.

However, when you create an output tunnel on the border of one subdiagram of the Case structure, tunnels appear at the same position on the border for all the other cases. If even one output tunnel is not wired, the center of every output tunnel on the structure appears as a white square.

Avoid wiring all unwired output tunnels by using the default data type value for the tunnel in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click the output tunnel and select Use Default If Unwired from the shortcut menu to use the default value for the tunnel data type for all unwired tunnels.
  • Configure the tunnels on a structure to wire the input and output tunnels automatically in unwired cases, which is the recommended best practice.
Note Note  You can define a different data source for the same output tunnel in each case, but the data types must be compatible for each case.


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