Inserting Rows or Columns in a Palette Set

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to insert a row or column on the Controls and Functions palettes.

  1. Select Tools»Advanced»Edit Palette Set to display the Edit Controls and Functions Palette Set dialog box.
  2. Right-click an open area on the palette and select Insert»Empty Slot or Insert»Empty Row from the shortcut menu.

You also can create rows or columns by pressing the <Shift> key as you click an object and drag it to the right or bottom of the palette.

If a row or column appears at the end of a palette and only contains synchronized items that are hidden and/or items that LabVIEW cannot find, the row or column is only visible when editing palettes. If the palette uses an icon format, a question mark on the palette indicates that LabVIEW cannot find the object on the palette. If the palette uses a text format, objects with an X mark on a pinned palette and dimmed objects on a temporary palette indicate that LabVIEW cannot find the object on the palette.


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