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Edition Date: March 2018
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Use the following types of labels to document VIs:

  • Free labels—Document code on the block diagram and list user instructions on the front panel. On the block diagram, you can attach a free label to a block diagram object to create an attached comment.
  • Owned labels—Label specific objects on the front panel or block diagram. Owned labels are owned by a specific object. You can hide owned labels, but you cannot copy or delete them independently of their owners.
  • Captions—Provide instructions or information that you cannot include in the named label of an object. You also can use captions instead of labels to localize a VI without breaking the VI.
  • Boolean text—Create labels for Boolean controls and indicators that change depending on the value of the control or indicator.

You can edit labels after you create them. You also can move owned labels and captions and change the text characteristics of labels.


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