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The LabVIEW Measurement (.lvm) format is a text-based file format for one-dimensional data. This text-based measurement file is a tab-delimited text file you can open with a spreadsheet application or a text-editing application. The .lvm file includes header information about the data, such as the date and time the data was generated. LabVIEW saves data with up to six digits of precision in a .lvm file.

The .lvm format is easy to parse and easy to read when imported into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or a text editor such as Notepad. The .lvm format supports multiple data sets, grouping of data sets, and the adding of data sets to existing files.

The .lvm file uses commas as a delimiter between numbers. To convert data in a .lvm file from a string to a number, specify the decimal separator as a period, using the localization code format specifier.

This file format is not designed for high-performance or for very large data sets, as is the case with all text-based formats.

Note Note  For very large data sets, use the binary file format.

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