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The following table includes common file types that LabVIEW creates and uses to save data.

File ExtensionDescription
.aliasesFile that maps computer names to IP addresses. For example, My Computer typically maps to localhost or the actual IP address of the host computer running LabVIEW. LabVIEW creates the .aliases file automatically when you create a LabVIEW project. LabVIEW creates a new .aliases file each time you open the project. If you build an application, the .aliases file is copied into the same directory as the application. You do not need to check the .aliases file into source control unless you extend the mappings in the file.
Note   Deleting the .aliases file does not affect the project.
.bin3File to include example VIs in NI Example Finder
.cttControl template
.llbVI library. You can group several VIs together and save them in an LLB.
.lvclassLabVIEW Class library. When you create and save a LabVIEW class, LabVIEW creates a class library file that defines a new data type.
.lvlibLabVIEW project library. LabVIEW project libraries are collections of VIs, type definitions, shared variables, palette files, and other files, including other project libraries.
.lvlibpLabVIEW packed project library. LabVIEW packed project libraries are project libraries that package multiple files into a single file. The top-level file of a packed library is a project library.
.lvmThe text-based measurement file is a tab-delimited text file you can open with a spreadsheet application or a text-editing application.
.lvprojLabVIEW project
.lvlpsFile that stores project settings that are specific to the local machine. You should not check .lvlps files into source control because .lvlps files contain settings specific to the computer you are using; for example, .lvlps files contain the local source code control configuration. LabVIEW saves .lvlps files when you save a project, and correctly renames the file when you rename a project. You can remove or delete .lvlps files without affecting the performance or behavior of a project because .lvlps files only contain project settings specific to the local machine. If you build an application, LabVIEW does not copy the .lvlps file into the built application.
Note   Deleting the .lvlps file does not affect the project.
.rcConfiguration file used to store Property Node information for IVI Instrument Drivers and define refnum data types for instrument drivers.
.rtmRun-time menu
.tdm/.tdmsTDM/TDMS file
.viVirtual instrument
.vimMalleable VI
.vitVirtual instrument template
.xnodeFile used internally by LabVIEW. You cannot modify .xnode files, so .xnode files are locked in the Project Explorer window.


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