Manually Updating Type Definition Instances

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If LabVIEW is unable update a type definition instance automatically, LabVIEW places the instance in an unresolved state. An unresolved instance appears dimmed, and the Run button of the VI that contains the instance appears broken.

Complete the following steps to resolve the data mapping discrepancies and manually update unresolved type definition instances:

  1. Right-click an unresolved type definition instance on the front panel or the block diagram and select Review and Update from Type Def from the shortcut menu to display the Review and Update from Type Def. dialog box.
  2. Select an instance from the Instance listbox to display the previous default values and the projected new default values of that instance.
  3. Review the default values in New Default Value and correct any values that are incorrect. LabVIEW highlights the controls or constants that contain data that the LabVIEW mapping process may have lost or incorrectly placed.
  4. Click the Approve button to mark the current instance as approved in the Instance listbox.
    Note  You can still view and edit default values after approving changes. LabVIEW updates approved instances with the last values that appear in the controls or constants in New Default Value even if you edit the values after approving changes.
  5. Repeat steps 2–4 for each instance you want to update from the type definition.
    Note  You also can click the Approve All button to approve all changes to all of the instances listed in the Instance listbox without reviewing each instance individually.
  6. Click the Apply Changes button to update the current and default values of the instances you approved and close the dialog box. Instances that you do not approve remain in an unresolved state until you approve them or disconnect them from the type definition.

You also can use the Update From Typedef method to approve and apply all type definition instance updates programmatically. However, LabVIEW may lose or incorrectly preserve the default values of instances LabVIEW updates programmatically. Avoid updating type definition instances programmatically if the instances have custom default values and you plan to make extensive changes to the type definition.

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