Common Mass Compile Status Messages

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You may receive one or more of the following common mass compile messages under the Status tab of the Mass Compile dialog box.

Note  If you receive a message not listed in the following table, open the VI listed. If the VI has an error, fix the error in the VI before trying to mass compile again.
Message Description
###Bad VI: "filename of VI" Path="path to VI" The specified VI is a non-executable VI that LabVIEW cannot mass compile. Open the VI and check for errors.
Failed to load (path to VI) LabVIEW cannot find the VI in the specified directory or search directories because the VI is not in memory. Find the specified VI and make sure it is not corrupt or does not have errors.
Search failed to find "filename of VI" previously from "path to VI" LabVIEW cannot find the VI in the specified directory or search directories at the specified location. Find the specified item and move it into either a search directory or the expected location.
Could not load (path to VI) because (path to VI) in memory LabVIEW found the VI in the specified directory but cannot load the VI because a VI of the same name is already loaded in memory. Compare the two items, and confirm that the correct version is in the calling VI.
The filename of VI expected to be at "path to VI" was loaded from "path to VI" The VI was not found at the path specified in the calling VI, so LabVIEW loaded an item with the same name from the search directories. Check that the VI specifies the caller and the directory paths correctly and check that the loaded VI is the same as the caller specified VI. If the VIs are not the same, add the correct subVI to the calling VI.
The project at path to project could not be compiled because it is already open. Close the project, then try compiling again. LabVIEW cannot compile the project because it is already open. Close the project before you compile.
Skipping project already in memory: path to project LabVIEW found a VI with the same path that has already been loaded in memory. As a result, LabVIEW is not mass-compiling the VI.
CompileFile: error number at path to VI This error returns a specified error code that you can search for more information.
CompileFile: skipping path to VI LabVIEW cannot not compile the VI for one of a few reasons. The VI could be a template VI or have template controls. The file at the path could have a file type different from what the extension of the path suggests. The VI also might not compile because LabVIEW cannot find or open the VI or the VI is corrupt.
CompileFile: user cancelled at path to VI The VI did not compile because you cancelled loading the VI.


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