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Complete the following steps to move an object.

  1. Use the Positioning tool to select the object.
  2. Drag the object to a new location. You can restrict the direction and increments of movement using the following methods:
    • To restrict the direction of movement horizontally or vertically, press the <Shift> key and drag an object. Movement is restricted to the direction you first move the object.
    • To move selected objects in small, precise increments, press the appropriate arrow key once for each pixel you want to move the objects. Hold down an arrow key to repeat the action. Press the <Shift> key along with an arrow key to move the object more rapidly.
Note  If the alignment grid is enabled, you can move an object only along grid lines or dots unless you use the arrow keys to move the object. Press the <Shift> key along with an arrow key to align an object with a grid line or dot. If the object already is aligned, press the <Shift> key along with an arrow key to move the object one grid space.

To cancel a move operation, press the <Esc> key. Then release the mouse button. The object remains in its original location.

Note  The Positioning tool also resizes objects. To avoid resizing an object, place the cursor in the center of the object to move it. Click the corners of an object to resize it.

To align objects along axes after you place them, use the Align Objects pull-down menu on the toolbar or select Edit»Align Items.


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