Moving Plots and Buses to Different Plot Areas in a Mixed Signal Graph

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You can move plots and buses from one plot area to another in mixed signal graphs. For example, you might move a plot or a bus if you want to compare data more closely. Complete the following steps to perform this action.

Note  If a digital plot line is within a bus, you must move the bus to move the line.
  1. In the tree control, select the icon next to the name of the plot or bus you want to move.
  2. Drag the icon to another plot area in the plot legend.

You also can move a plot or bus in the mixed signal graph using the shortcut menu similar to how you can move plots in waveform graph, XY graph, and chart plot legends. Complete the following steps to move the plot or bus using the shortcut menu.

  1. Right-click the plot or bus in the plot legend that you want to move.
  2. Select Y Scale and the plot area to which you want to move the plot or bus from the shortcut menu.
Note  LabVIEW dims the plot area in the shortcut menu if the data types do not match.

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