Renaming Files in Source Control

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Source control stores revision history based on the name of a file. As a result, to preserve the revision history when you modify the name of a file, follow the renaming process of the source control provider.

Renaming a file can cause the file to lose links to dependencies. To avoid this problem, complete the following steps when you rename a file in source control.

  1. Open the LabVIEW project that contains the file you want to rename. The project must be open so that LabVIEW can detect when you rename a file.
  2. Check out all project files from the source control provider.
  3. Rename the file with the renaming process of the source code control provider.
  4. Return to the LabVIEW project and press the <F5> key to refresh the project. The file you renamed has a warning that indicates you renamed it.
  5. Right-click the file and select Replace with from the shortcut menu.
  6. Navigate to and select the new version of the file.


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