Displaying Elements in Arrays

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Edition Date: March 2018
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An array can display more or fewer elements than are actually in the array. You can change the number of elements that an array displays at once by resizing the array.

Complete the following steps to resize an array:

  1. Move the cursor over the array shell border. Resizing handles appear at the points where you can resize the array.
  2. Move the cursor over a resizing handle to change the cursor to the resizing cursor.
  3. Use the resizing cursor to drag the resizing handles vertically or horizontally until the dashed border outlines the number of elements you want to display in the array.
Note Note  To change which elements the array displays, use the increment and decrement buttons on the index display. You also can enter the index of the first element you want the array to display.

To cancel a resizing operation, continue dragging the resizing handle outside the window until the dashed border disappears or press the <Esc> key before releasing the mouse button.


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