Converting LabVIEW Data to XML

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Converting LabVIEW data to XML formats the data so that when you save the data to a file, you easily can identify the value(s), name(s), and type of the data from the tags that describe the data.

Complete the following steps to convert LabVIEW data to XML format.

  1. Add the Flatten To XML function to the block diagram.

  2. Wire the data you want to convert to the anything input of the Flatten To XML function.
  3. Right-click the xml string output of the function and select Create»Indicator from the shortcut menu. The block diagram now has a string indicator terminal, and the front panel has a string indicator.
  4. Run the VI. LabVIEW converts the data type to XML format according to the LabVIEW XML schema. The front panel xml string indicator displays the XML-formatted data.

Refer to the labview\examples\File IO\XML\Flatten and Unflatten XML\Flatten and Unflatten XML.lvproj for examples of converting LabVIEW data to XML format.


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