Saving VIs in Existing LLBs

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can save a new VI in an existing LLB just as if it were a directory.

Complete the following steps to save a VI in an existing LLB.

  1. Select File»Save to display a file dialog box.

    (macOS) If you use native file dialog boxes, click the Use LLBs button before you select an LLB.
  2. Navigate to the LLB where you want to save the VI. The name of the LLB with the .llb extension appears in the file dialog box.
Caution  Do not save your own VIs and other files in .llb files installed with LabVIEW. Save your controls and VIs in the user.lib directory to add them to the Controls and Functions palettes.
  1. Double-click the name of the LLB file or click the OK button to display the Name the VI dialog box.
  2. Enter the VI name and click the OK button.


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