Displaying Scroll Bars of Controls and Indicators

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Right-click a control or indicator and select Visible Items»Scrollbar, Visible Items»Vertical Scrollbar, or Visible Items»Horizontal Scrollbar from the shortcut menu to display a vertical scroll bar or horizontal scroll bar. Use the Positioning tool to resize the front panel object so you can minimize the amount of space the object occupies.

Note  You can display scroll bars on a string or path control or indicator only if the object has a height and width of at least two scroll bars. You must disable word wrapping in a string control or indicator to display a horizontal scroll bar.

You also can use the Scrollbars Visible, Visible Items:Vertical Scrollbar Visible, or Visible Items:Horizontal Scrollbar Visible properties of a control or indicator to display a scroll bar programmatically.

Only arrays with more than one dimension can have both a vertical and horizontal scroll bar. Resize a 1D array vertically to add a vertical scroll bar, and horizontally to add a horizontal scroll bar.


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