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Complete the following steps to find a hierarchy node by name in the VI Hierarchy window.

  1. Open a VI or project and select View»VI Hierarchy to display the VI Hierarchy window.
  2. Initiate a search by typing the name of the item you want to find anywhere in the window. As you type the text, the search string appears, displaying the text as you type. LabVIEW highlights one item at a time whose name begins with the search string.
  3. If there is more than one item with a name that begins with the search string, press the <Enter> key to search for the next item that matches the search string. Press the <Shift-Enter> keys to find the previous item that matches the search string.

You also can find an item in the VI Hierarchy window by selecting Edit»Find to display the Find dialog box. From the Search Scope pull-down menu, select VI Hierarchy to search only the VI Hierarchy window.

Note Note  You can perform the same search in the LabVIEW Class Hierarchy window. Select View»LabVIEW Class Hierarchy to display the window.


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