Setting the Color in a Color Box

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Edition Date: March 2018
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A color box is a numeric control or indicator that displays a color that corresponds to a specified value. For example, you can use color boxes to indicate different conditions, such as out-of-range values. The color value is expressed as a hexadecimal number with the form RRGGBB. The first two digits control the red color value. The second two digits control the green color value. The last two digits control the blue color value.

Complete the following steps to set the color of the color box.

  1. Click the color box with the Operating tool to display the color picker. You also can right-click the color box with the Coloring tool to display the color picker.
Note  Click the color box with the Coloring tool to apply the most recent color you selected.
  1. Select a color from the color picker. Alternately, click the More Colors button in the bottom right corner of the color picker to select from additional or custom colors using the color utility on the operating system.


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