Shifting Case Structure Subdiagrams

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You can shift the visible case subdiagram of a Case structure to a different position in the case order if the data type wired to the case selector is numeric and is not enumerated. You can shift subdiagrams in Case structures of three or more subdiagrams. Refer to the Case Structure - Selector Data Types VI in the labview\examples\Structures directory for an example of using Case structures.

Complete the following steps to shift the visible subdiagram to a different position.

  1. Move to the case whose subdiagram you want to shift to another position.
  2. Right-click the structure border.
  3. Select Shift Diagram To Case from the shortcut menu and select the case whose subdiagram you want to shift with the visible subdiagram.

In the following example of subdiagrams in a Case structure, case 0 contains subdiagram A, case 1 contains subdiagram B, and so on up to case 4, which contains subdiagram E.

You can shift the subdiagram of case 1 to the position of case 3, causing the subdiagrams for cases 2 and 3 to move up in sequence, as shown in the following example.


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