Displaying Components in Listboxes, Tables, Tree Controls, and Digital Data Controls

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to select which components of the listbox, table, tree control, or digital data control are visible.

Note Note  The options available in the Visible Items shortcut menu vary depending on the control.
  1. Right-click the listbox, table, tree control, or digital data control.
  2. Select Visible Items and select one of the following items from the shortcut menu:
    • Label—Displays the label.
    • Caption—Displays the caption.
    • Vertical Scrollbar—Displays the vertical scroll bar.
    • Horizontal Scrollbar—Displays the horizontal scroll bar.
    • Row Headers—Displays the row headers of a listbox, table, or tree control.
    • Transitions—Displays the sample numbers in a digital data control.
    • Column Header—Displays the column header of a single-column listbox.
    • Column Headers—Displays the column headers of a multicolumn listbox, table, or tree control.
    • Signal Numbers—Displays the signal numbers in a digital data control.
    • Vertical Lines—Displays the vertical lines that separate columns.
    • Horizontal Lines—Displays the horizontal lines that separate rows.
    • Symbols—Allows you to display symbols next to items in the listbox, table, or tree control. If you select this item in a listbox, the listbox adds an extra column to the left side of the list for symbols. By default, items do not include symbols. You can add symbols by using the shortcut menu or a Property Node.
    • Hierarchy Line Visibility—If Visible, always displays lines to outline the hierarchy of the items as vertical and horizontal lines to the left of the items in the tree control. If Invisible, the hierarchy lines are always invisible. If Default, LabVIEW shows the hierarchy lines if trees in the operating system show hierarchy lines. The default is Visible.
    • Index Display—Displays the row-column index of the top left visible cell in a table.

You also can use the Table, DigitalTable, ListBox, MulticolumnListbox, and TreeControl properties to display components programmatically.


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