Specifying Custom Values for Combo Box Strings

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When you configure the list of strings for a combo box control, you can specify a custom value for each string, which is useful if you want the string that appears in the front panel combo box control to be different than the string value the combo box terminal on the block diagram returns.

Complete the following steps to specify a custom value for a string in a combo box control.

  1. Right-click the combo box control and select Edit Items from the shortcut menu to display the Edit Items page of the Combo Box Properties dialog box.
  2. Remove the checkmark from the Values match Items checkbox.
  3. Double-click in the cell in the Values column that contains the value you want to change.
  4. Enter the string value you want to use on the block diagram when the user selects the corresponding label in the control.
  5. Repeat steps 3–4 for each value you want to change.
  6. Click the OK button.

You also can use the Strings And Values [] property to specify custom values programmatically.


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