Specifying Which VIs You Can Control Remotely

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can allow remote applications to control VIs by placing checkmarks in any of the boxes in the Accessible Server Resources section in the VI Server page of the Options dialog box. Use the Exported VIs section to specify which VIs remote applications can control. Create an Exported VIs list that allows and denies access to individual VIs, groups of VIs, or directory paths. You also can use the VI Access List property to allow and deny access to VIs programmatically.

When a remote application attempts to control a VI, the VI Server compares the VI name to the entries in the Exported VIs list to determine whether it should grant access. If an entry in the Exported VIs list matches the VI name, the VI Server permits or denies access to that VI based on how you set up the entry. By default, remote applications can control all VIs. When you add new Exported VIs list entries, edit existing entries, or remove entries, use the correct syntax, order, and wildcards in the entries.


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