Unbundling Elements from Clusters

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Unbundling elements from clusters accesses and arranges all elements in a cluster in their cluster element order. To unbundle the elements, you first must populate the cluster. If you wire an empty cluster control to the Unbundle function, the wire will be void until you populate the cluster. After you unbundle elements from clusters, you can wire each element to VIs, functions, and indicators. This way of unbundling a cluster is useful if you need to access all the elements in a cluster. You also can unbundle all the elements from a cluster by name.

Complete the following steps to unbundle elements from a cluster.

  1. Add the Unbundle function to the block diagram.

  2. Wire a populated cluster to the Unbundle function. The data type representation of every element appears as element outputs.
Tip  The Unbundle By Name function is an effective tool for creating self-documenting block diagrams.


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