Unbundling Elements from Clusters by Name

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Unbundling elements from clusters by name accesses and arranges the elements in a cluster by name in their cluster element order. To unbundle a cluster element by name, the element must have a label. After you unbundle an element from a cluster by name, you can wire the element to a VI, a function, or an indicator. This way of unbundling a cluster is useful if you need to access one element from a cluster that includes elements of the same data type. You also can unbundle all the elements from a cluster without using the name.

Complete the following steps to unbundle elements from a cluster by name.

  1. Add the Unbundle By Name function to the block diagram.

  2. Wire a cluster to the Unbundle By Name function. The first element in the cluster element order appears as an element output.
  3. Select an individual element from the function in one of the following ways:
    • Resize the function until the name of the element you want appears.
    • Right-click an element output, select Select Item from the shortcut menu, and select the element you want.
    • Use the Operating tool to click an element output and select the element you want from the shortcut menu.
Note Note  When you use the Unbundle By Name function with nested clusters, you can display both the element name and the owning cluster name for elements in the nested cluster by right-clicking the function and selecting Show Full Names. This is useful to avoid confusion on the block diagram when element names in nested clusters are identical or similar.


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