Undoing File Check-out from Source Control

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can undo a file check-out operation if you want to undo changes you made after you checked out a file. The source control provider retains no record of the check-out operation or the changes you made.

Complete the following steps to undo file check out.

  1. If you are working in a LabVIEW project, right-click the file or files for which you want to undo the check-out operation and select Undo Check Out from the shortcut menu. You also can click the Undo Check Out button on the Source Control toolbar or select Tools»Source Control»Undo Check Out.

    If you are working on individual VIs outside a project, open the VI for which you want to undo the check-out operation. Select Tools»Source Control»Undo Check Out.
  2. If you are working in a project, notice that the red checkmark in the file icon disappears because the file is no longer checked out of source control.


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