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Use the Configuration File VIs to read and create Windows configuration settings (.ini) files and to write platform-specific data, such as paths, in a platform-independent format so that you can use the files these VIs generate across multiple platforms.

Note  You can use the Configuration File VIs for Windows configuration settings files only in the ANSI format.

Complete the following steps to use the Configuration File VIs.

  1. Add the Open Config Data VI to the block diagram to open a reference to a configuration data object. A configuration data object is a preference or setting for the configuration of the operating system.

  2. After you open the reference to the configuration data object, use the Read Key VI and the Write Key VI for each data type to read and write values entered by the user.
    Note  The Write Key VI modifies only data in memory.
  3. Add the Close Config Data VI to the block diagram to close the reference to the configuration data object. You can write the current contents of the configuration data object to a configuration settings file by running the VI.

Note  LabVIEW does not write the file until you call the Close Config Data VI with the write configuration file? input set to TRUE.


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