Creating a VI Server Application

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Use the LabVIEW VI Server to programmatically control front panel objects, VIs, and LabVIEW, and to dynamically load, edit, and run VIs on a computer or remotely across a network. You can control browser access to the VIs and configure which VIs remote applications can control.

Complete the following steps to create a VI Server application.

  1. Configure the VI Server to allow the TCP/IP protocol.
  2. Use the Open Application Reference function to open a reference to a local or remote application instance.

Note Note  If you have multiple application instances open simultaneously, such as if you are working with a LabVIEW project or targets of a LabVIEW project, multiple VI Servers can be listening on different ports. Open an application reference to a specific application instance by stating the machine name and the port or service name.
  1. Use the Open VI Reference function to open a reference to a VI on the local or remote computer that already exists in memory for the application instance, or to dynamically load a VI from disk. However, be aware that if the input to vi path is a file path, this function waits until the user interface is idle to load the VI from disk.

  2. Use the Property Node to get or set properties or the Invoke Node to invoke methods.
    • Property Node
    • Invoke Node
    You also can use a Call By Reference node to call a dynamically loaded VI.

  3. Use the Close Reference function to close any open references.

Refer to labview\examples\viserver for examples of using the VI Server.


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