Viewing Enqueued Events at Run Time

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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Complete the following steps to view the events waiting in an event queue:

  1. Run the VI.
  2. Right-click the Event structure border.
  3. Select Event Inspector Window from the shortcut menu. The Unhandled Events in Event Queue(s) table displays events waiting in the queue. After the Event structure handles an event, the event appears in the Event Log.
  4. (Optional) Use the Active VIs with Event Structures pull-down menu to view the names of running VIs that include Event structures registered for events or Event structures that handled events since you opened the window.
  5. (Optional) Click Save Log to File to save the Event Log to a text file.
  6. (Optional) Click Clear All to clear the Event Logs for all running VIs with Event structures and remove the Event Logs for Event structures no longer running. Click Clear to clear only the Event Log for the current running VI.


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