GPIB 488.2 Functions

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Owning Palette: GPIB Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the GPIB 488.2 functions to exchange data and instructions between VIs and GPIB 488.2 devices.

The functions on this palette can return GPIB error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
AllSpollSerial polls all devices.
DevClearClears a single device.
DevClearListClears multiple devices simultaneously.
EnableLocalEnables local mode for multiple devices.
EnableRemoteEnables remote programming of multiple GPIB devices.
FindLstnFinds all Listeners on the GPIB.
FindRQSDetermines which device is requesting service.
MakeAddrCombines primary address and secondary address in a specially formatted packed address for devices that require both a primary and secondary GPIB address.
PassControlPasses control to another device with Controller capability.
PPollPerforms a parallel poll.
PPollConfigConfigures a device for parallel polls.
PPollUnconfigUnconfigures devices for parallel polls. PPollUnconfig unconfigures the GPIB devices whose addresses are contained in the address list array for parallel polls. These devices no longer participate in polls.
RcvRespMsgReads data bytes from a previously addressed device.
ReadStatusSerial polls a single device to get its status byte.
ReceiveReads data bytes from a GPIB device.
ReceiveSetupPrepares a device to send data bytes and prepares the GPIB controller to read data bytes.
ResetSysPerforms bus initialization, message exchange initialization, and device initialization.
SendSends data bytes to a single GPIB device.
SendCmdsSends GPIB command bytes.
SendDataBytesSends data bytes to previously addressed devices.
SendIFCClears the GPIB functions with Interface Clear (IFC).
SendListSends data bytes to multiple GPIB devices.
SendLLOSends the Local Lockout (LLO) message to all devices.
SendSetupPrepares particular devices to receive data bytes.
SetRWLSPlaces particular devices in the Remote With Lockout State.
SetTimeOutChanges the global timeout period for all GPIB 488.2 functions.
TestSRQDetermines the current state of the SRQ line.
TestSysDirects multiple devices to conduct IEEE 488.2 self-tests.
TriggerTriggers a single device.
TriggerListTriggers multiple devices simultaneously.
WaitSRQWaits until a device asserts Service Request.


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