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Owning Palette: GPIB Functions

Requires: Base Development System

Performs the GPIB operation indicated by command string. Use this low-level function when the other high-level, traditional GPIB functions are not suitable.

command string is the GPIB operation to perform. The following table shows the functions you can specify in command string.
Note  address is the address in the command string.
Device FunctionsDescription
loc addressGo to local.
off addressTake device offline.
pct addressPass control.
ppc byte addressParallel poll configure (enable or disable).
cac 0/1Become active controller.
cmd stringSend IEEE 488 commands.
dma 0/1Set DMA mode or programmed I/O mode.
gts 0/1Go from active controller to standby.
ist 0/1Set individual status bit.
lloLocal lockout.
locPlace controller in local state.
offTake controller offline.
ppc byteParallel poll configure (enable or disable).
ppuParallel poll unconfigure all devices.
rppConduct parallel poll.
rsc 0/1Request or release system control.
rsv byteRequest service and/or set the serial poll status byte.
sicSend interface clear and set remote enable (REN).
sre 0/1Set or clear remote enable (REN).
To specify the GPIB Controller used by this function, use a command string in the form, ID: xxx, where ID is the GPIB Controller (bus number) and xxx is the three-character command and its corresponding arguments, if any. If you do not specify a Controller ID, LabVIEW assumes 0.

Refer to GPIB Device and Controller Functions for more information.
error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.
output string is the response the function returns when you conduct a parallel poll with the rpp command string. Set output string only when you use the rrp command string.
status is a Boolean array in which each bit describes a state of the GPIB Controller. If an error occurs, the function sets bit 15. GPIB error is valid only if bit 15 of status is set.

The following table shows the numeric value and symbolic status of each bit in status. This table also includes a description of each bit.
Status BitNumeric ValueSymbolic StatusDescription
01DCASDevice Clear state
12DTASDevice Trigger State
24LACSListener Active
38TACSTalker Active
416ATNAttention Asserted
664REMRemote State
7128LOKLockout State
8256CMPLOperation Completed
124096SRQISRQ Detected while CIC
138192ENDEOI or EOS Detected
15-32768ERRError Detected
error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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