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Owning Palette: VISA Advanced VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Bus/Interface Specific functions to program instruments that are interface specific.

The functions on this palette can return VISA error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
VISA Assert Interrupt SignalAsserts the specified device interrupt or signal.
VISA Assert Utility SignalAsserts or deasserts the specified utility bus signal.
VISA Flush I/O BufferFlushes the I/O buffer specified by mask.
VISA GPIB CommandWrites GPIB command bytes on the bus.
VISA GPIB Control ATNControls the state of the GPIB ATN interface line and, optionally, the active controller state of the local interface.
VISA GPIB Control RENAsserts or deasserts the GPIB REN interface line according to the specified mode.
VISA GPIB Pass ControlTells the GPIB device at the specified address to become controller-in-charge (CIC).
VISA GPIB Send IFCPulses the interface clear line (IFC) for at least 100 microseconds.
VISA Map TriggerMaps the specified trigger source line to the specified trigger destination line.
VISA Set I/O Buffer SizeSets the size of the I/O buffer. Run the VISA Configure Serial Port VI first if you are setting the size of a serial port buffer.
VISA Unmap TriggerUnmaps a previous map from the specified trigger source line to the specified trigger destination line. This function unmaps one trigger mapping per call.
VISA VXI Cmd or QuerySends the device a miscellaneous command or query and/or retrieves the response to a previous query.

Serial VIs and FunctionsUse the Serial VIs and functions to access the VISA VIs and functions that communicate with devices connected to a serial port. Additional functions are also available on the VISA palette.
VISA USB VI and FunctionsUse the VISA USB VI and functions to control USB devices.


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