VISA Advanced VIs and Functions

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Owning Palette: VISA VIs and Functions

Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the VISA Advanced VIs and functions to accomplish advanced VISA tasks.

The VIs and functions on this palette can return VISA error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
Property NodeGets (reads) and/or sets (writes) properties of a reference. Use the property node to get or set properties and methods on local or remote application instances, VIs, and objects. You also can use the Property Node to access the private data of a LabVIEW class.
VISA CloseCloses a device session or event object specified by VISA resource name.
VISA Find ResourceQueries the system to locate the devices associated with a specified interface.
VISA Lock AsyncAsynchronously attempts to establish access to the device or interface specified by VISA resource name. Use this function to obtain an exclusive lock that guarantees sole access to a device or resource.
VISA OpenOpens a session to the device specified by VISA resource name and returns a session identifier that can be used to call any other operations of that device.
VISA Property NodeGets (reads) and/or sets (writes) properties of a reference. The node operates in the same way as a standard Property Node.
VISA Read To FileReads byte count synchronously and stores the transferred data in the file specified by filename.
VISA Set TimeoutSets the Timeout value, in milliseconds, for the VISA session.
VISA UnlockRelinquishes the lock previously obtained using the VISA Lock Async function.
VISA Write From FileTakes data from the file specified by filename and writes it to the device synchronously.

Bus/Interface Specific FunctionsUse the Bus/Interface Specific functions to program instruments that are interface specific.
Event Handling VIs and FunctionsUse the Event Handling VIs and functions to use VISA events with your instruments.
Register Access FunctionsUse the Register Access functions to program in an address space at a high level.


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