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Owning Palette: Picture Functions VIs

Requires: Base Development System

Changes the current pen location of a picture to the specified position or by the specified amount if the position is relative.


picture is the picture whose current pen location you want to move. The default is an empty picture.
new position is the point to which the pen moves in the new picture. If absolute coordinates? is TRUE, the pen moves to the absolute coordinate specified by new position. If absolute coordinates? is FALSE, the pen moves relative to the current pen location in picture.
x is the horizontal coordinate that increases to the right.
y is the vertical coordinate that increases to the bottom.
absolute coordinates? specifies whether the point new position is in absolute or relative coordinates. The default is absolute (TRUE).
new picture is the picture that contains the new image. You can wire this output to any other picture input to add more drawing instructions to the picture. You also can wire this output to the Picture to Pixmap VI to obtain an image data cluster. You then can use the Graphics Formats VIs to save the image data to a file. You can wire this output to the Concatenate Strings function to concatenate the output from multiple Picture Functions VIs so that they draw on a single picture control.


Refer to the Pen Attributes And Image subsetting VI in the labview\examples\Graphics and Sound\2D Picture Control directory for an example of using the Move Pen VI.


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