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Short Name: App.Args

Requires: Base Development System

Class: Application Properties

To Use: Create a property.

Returns an array of user-defined command-line arguments passed when LabVIEW launched.

User-defined arguments start after two hyphens (--) surrounded by spaces in the command line.

The first string in the array is the name of the executable launched. This property does not return the name of the VI launched or the LLB that contains the VI. If a user-defined command-line argument contains double quotation marks ("), this property returns the argument without the quotation marks.

If you use this property in a stand-alone application, you can avoid the need to enter two hyphens before user-defined arguments by placing a checkmark in the Pass all command line arguments to application checkbox on the Advanced page of the Application Properties dialog box.



The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
PermissionsRead Only
Available in Run-Time EngineYes (Read Only)
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemYes
Remote access allowedYes


Refer to the Passing Command Line Parameters VI in the labview\examples\Application Control\VI Server\Passing Command Line Parameters directory for an example of using the Application:Command Line Arguments property.


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