Remove DataSocket Method

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Short Name: Remove DataSocket

Requires: Base Development System

Class: Control Methods

To Use: Create a method.

Removes an opc, ftp, and http connection from a control on Windows, and a dstp and file connection from a control on all LabVIEW-supported platforms.

This method is similar to the Unbound option of the Data Binding Selection pull-down menu on the Data Binding page of the Properties dialog box.

Note  If you use this method with a Boolean control in a radio buttons control, this method returns an error.

Use the Data Binding:Unbind method to remove psp connections.


The following table lists the characteristics of this method.

Data typeNo return value
Available in Run-Time EngineYes (Read/Write)
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemYes
Settable when the VI is runningNo
Loads the front panel into memoryNo
Need to authenticate before useNo
Loads the block diagram into memoryNo
Remote access allowedYes


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