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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

View the class hierarchy.

You can set these properties on controls.

Class IDClass identifier of the object. Details
Class NameName of the VI Server class that contains the object. Details
Is On Block Diagram?Returns TRUE when the object is located on the block diagram. Details
OwnerReference to the owning object. The type of the reference is Generic. An object of class Panel does not have an owner (it is the top-level object) and always returns Not A Refnum. Details
Owning VIReturns a reference to the VI that owns this object. Close this reference when you are finished using it. The reference this property returns does not keep the VI in memory. If the owning VI is removed from memory, this reference becomes invalid. Use the Open VI Reference function to obtain a reference to a VI that stays in memory until you explicitly close the reference. Details


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