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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject. View the class hierarchy.

Right-click a scroll bar in a pane and select Create»Property Node from the shortcut menu and select the property you want to configure. You also can click a VI Server Reference and select Pane from the shortcut menu to create a reference you can use with these properties programmatically.

You can use the Panes[] property to obtain a reference to a pane in another VI.

All Objects[]Array of references to all the objects (controls and decorations) on the pane. Details
Background ImageSets the background image the pane uses. LabVIEW supports BMP, JPEG, and PNG graphic formats for background images. Details
Background ModeSets the positioning of the background image in the pane. Details
Content Area RectReturns the bounding rectangle of the content area of the pane in the coordinate system of the pane. Details
Controls[]Array of references to the controls and indicators on the pane. Details
Decorations[]Array of references to the decorations in the pane. Details
Horizontal Scrollbar VisibilityGets or sets the horizontal scroll bar visibility of the pane. Details
LabelReference to the label object. Details
Minimum Pane SizeIf the pane is sizable, this property determines the minimum size to which a pane can be reduced. Setting this property can cause the pane or window to grow if its current size is less than the minimum size. Details
OriginA cluster that contains the vertical and horizontal coordinates of the upper left corner of the pane. The coordinates are relative to the coordinate system of the pane. Details
Pane ColorBackground color of the pane. Details
Vertical Scrollbar VisibilityGets or sets the vertical scroll bar visibility of the pane. Details


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