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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Short Name: VariableReference

Requires: Base Development System

Class: ProjectItem Properties

To Use: Create a property.

Returns a reference to the variable the referenced project item references. If the referenced project item is not a variable item, this property returns Not a Refnum. You can use this reference with the Variable properties to configure shared variables programmatically.

Note  You can create, configure, and host shared variables only on Windows or RT targets with the LabVIEW Real Time Module. You can use the DataSocket VI and functions to read or write shared variables from other platforms.

Note  The LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module supports this property in the Run-Time Engine.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
PermissionsRead Only
Available in Run-Time EngineYes
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemNo
Settable when the VI is runningNo
Loads the front panel into memoryNo
Need to authenticate before useNo
Loads the block diagram into memoryNo
Remote access allowedYes


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