VI Server Properties and Methods Not Supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine

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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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LabVIEW returns an error or unexpected results when the Run-Time Engine executes a call to a property or method in any of the following classes:

Individual VI Server Properties and Methods Not Supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine

Some classes that are supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine contain properties or methods that are not supported. LabVIEW returns an error or unexpected results when the Run-Time Engine executes a call to any of the following unsupported properties or methods:

Property or Method NameClass
Abort Callback CallLibrary Properties
Active Items In Tree Project Properties
Adapt To Inputs PolymorphicVI Properties
AlarmsEvents:Database Computer Library Properties
AlarmsEvents:Database Name Library Properties
AlarmsEvents:Database Path Library Properties
AlarmsEvents:Enable Library Properties
AlarmsEvents:Use DataLogging Database Library Properties
All Objects[] AbstractDiagram Properties
All Supported Methods Invoke Properties
All Supported Properties Property Properties
Allow No Selection RadioButtonsControl Properties
Any Thread? CallLibrary Properties
Application:Auto-Route Wires Application Properties
Application:Compiler Threshold Application Properties
Application:Delete FP Terminal from Diagram Application Properties
Application:Saveable Versions Application Properties
Array Input Terminal InPlaceArrayNode Properties
Auto-Update From Typedef Constant Properties
Automatic Error Handling VI Properties
AutoSize To Fit Contents? FlatSequence Properties
AutoSize To Fit Contents? Structure Properties
Available Elements[] InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Available Elements[] NamedBundler Properties
Available Elements[] NamedUnbundler Properties
Block Diagram VI Properties
Block Diagram Window:Open VI Properties
Block Diagram Window:Origin VI Properties
Block Diagram Window:Window Bounds VI Properties
Breakpoint Status AbstractDiagram Properties
Breakpoint Status FlatSequence Properties
Breakpoint Status Node Properties
Breakpoint Status Wire Properties
Call By Ref Node Style CallByRef Properties
Calling Convention CallLibrary Properties
Caption Terminal Properties
Case Insensitive Match CaseStructure Properties
Chunk Size Tunnel ForLoop Properties
Class ObjectFunction Properties
Cluster Size ArrayToCluster Properties
Code Resource Path CIN Properties
Coercion Dot? Terminal Properties
Color AbstractDiagram Properties
Compare Aggregates? Comparison Properties
Concatenate Inputs BuildArray Properties
Condition Terminal LoopTunnel Properties
Connected Wire Terminal Properties
Connector Pane:Set VI Properties
Contains Compiled Code Library Properties
Control ControlTerminal Properties
Control Name Global Properties
Control Name Local Properties
Control Reference Linked To ControlReferenceConstant Properties
Control Reference Nodes[] Control Properties
Convert 4.x data? FlattenUnflattenString Properties
Convert 4.x data? ReadWriteFile Properties
Convert 4.x data? TypeCast Properties
Data Type Terminal Properties
DataLogging:Database Computer Library Properties
DataLogging:Database Name Library Properties
DataLogging:Database Path Library Properties
DataLogging:Enable Library Properties
DataLogging:Lifespan Library Properties
DecomposerList[] InPlaceElementStructure Properties
Decorations[] AbstractDiagram Properties
Description Constant Properties
Description FlatSequence Properties
Description Node Properties
Description Wire Properties
Diagram Loop Properties
Diagram Terminal Properties
Digital Display NamedNumericConstant Properties
Direction FeedbackNode Properties
Display Format DigitalNumericConstant Properties
Display Format Visible? StringConstant Properties
Display Format:Format DigitalNumericConstant Properties
Display Format:Precision DigitalNumericConstant Properties
Display Style StringConstant Properties
Draw Instance Icon PolymorphicVI Properties
Dynamic Library? CallLibrary Properties
Dynamic Parallel Instances Tunnel ForLoop Properties
Dynamic Terminal (Left) EventStructure Properties
Dynamic Terminal (Right) EventStructure Properties
Dynamic Terminals Visible? EventStructure Properties
Element ArrayConstant Properties
Element Gap? ArrayConstant Properties
Element Names[] InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Element Names[] NamedBundler Properties
Element Names[] NamedUnbundler Properties
Elements[] ClusterConstant Properties
Enabled ProjectItem Properties
Error Checking Level CallLibrary Properties
Event Selectors EventStructure Properties
Execution:Inline Is Allowed VI Properties
Execution:Inline SubVI VI Properties
Expand When Dropped As SubVI VI Properties
Find:Callers ProjectItem Properties
Find:Children ProjectItem Properties
Find:Conflicts ProjectItem Properties
Find:Friends ProjectItem Properties
Find:Items Incorrectly Claimed by a Library ProjectItem Properties
Find:Items that make this a dependency ProjectItem Properties
Find:Items with No Callers ProjectItem Properties
Find:Missing Items ProjectItem Properties
Find:SubVIs ProjectItem Properties
Find:Variable Callers ProjectItem Properties
Fix Contents Structure Properties
Flags:Has Ignore Errors Inside Node Property Properties
Format String FormatScanString Properties
Formula Expression Formula Properties
Frames[] FlatSequence Properties
Frames[] MultiFrameStructure Properties
Full Element Names[] InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Full Element Names[] NamedBundler Properties
Full Element Names[] NamedUnbundler Properties
Full Names Visible? InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Full Names Visible? NamedBundler Properties
Full Names Visible? NamedUnbundler Properties
Function Name CallLibrary Properties
Grow Terms SubVI Properties
History:Always Add Comments At Save VI Properties
History:Entire Text VI Properties
History:Prompt for Comments At Close VI Properties
History:Prompt for Comments At Save VI Properties
History:Record Application Comments VI Properties
History:Revision Number VI Properties
History:Use Defaults VI Properties
Icon Node Properties
Icon View? ControlTerminal Properties
Ignore Errors Inside Node? Property Properties
Index Count InPlaceArrayNode Properties
Index Mode LoopTunnel Properties
Index Terminalsl[][] InPlaceArrayNode Properties
Index Value ArrayConstant Properties
Index Visible? ArrayConstant Properties
Initializer Is On Loop FeedbackNode Properties
Initializer Terminal FeedbackNode Properties
Initializer's Loop FeedbackNode Properties
Input Count Bundler Properties
Input Terminal FeedbackNode Properties
Input Terminals Bundler Properties
Input? FormulaParameter Properties
Inside Terminals[] Tunnel Properties
Instance Text PolymorphicVISelector Properties
InstanceInfo PolymorphicVI Properties
Invert Inputs?[] CompoundArithmetic Properties
Invert Output CompoundArithmetic Properties
Invoke Node Class Name Invoke Properties
Invoke Nodes[] Control Properties
Is Broken? Wire Properties
Is Conditional? LoopTunnel Properties
Is Debugging Allowed ForLoop Properties
Is Hidden? Terminal Properties
Is Instance VI Properties
Is Probe VI Properties
Is Source? Terminal Properties
Is Strict StaticVIReference Properties
Is Typedef? Constant Properties
Is VI Paused? VI Properties
Items View Active Project Properties
Items[] NamedNumericConstant Properties
Label Constant Properties
Label ControlTerminal Properties
Label FlatSequence Properties
Label Node Properties
Label Wire Properties
LabVIEW Class Name LabVIEWClassControl Properties
Left Registers[] RightShiftRegister Properties
Library VI Properties
Library Path CallLibrary Properties
Limit To Single Line? StringConstant Properties
Local Variables[] Control Properties
Loop Count ForLoop Properties
Loop Counter Loop Properties
Loop End Ref ForLoop Properties
Loop End Ref WhileLoop Properties
Mechanical Action Boolean Properties
Mechanical Action RadioButtonsControl Properties
Method Invoke Properties
Mode CompoundArithmetic Properties
Modifications:Block Diagram Mods Bitset VI Properties
Name FormulaParameter Properties
Name Terminal Properties
Name Format ObjectFunction Properties
Num Dimensions ArrayConstant Properties
Number of Columns ArrayConstant Properties
Number of Event Frames EventStructure Properties
Number of Rows ArrayConstant Properties
Number of Static Parallel Instances ForLoop Properties
Output Count InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Output Count Unbundler Properties
Output Terminal FeedbackNode Properties
Output Terminals[] InPlaceArrayNode Properties
Output Terminals[] InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Output Terminals[] Unbundler Properties
Outside Terminal Tunnel Properties
Parallel Schedule ForLoop Properties
Printing:Custom All Controls? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Cluster Constants? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Connector? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Control Descriptions? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Control Label/Caption? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Control Types? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Controls? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Description? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Diagram Hidden? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Diagram Repeat? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Diagram? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Express VI Configuration? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Hierarchy? Application Properties
Printing:Custom History? Application Properties
Printing:Custom List of SubVIs? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Panel Border? Application Properties
Printing:Custom Panel? Application Properties
Printing:File Wrap Text Length Application Properties
Printing:JPEG Quality Application Properties
Printing:PNG Compression Level Application Properties
Probe Wire Properties
Process:Save State Period Library Properties
Project:Active Project Application Properties
Project:Owning Project Application Properties
Properties[] Property Properties
Property PropertyItem Properties
Property Count Property Properties
Property Items[] Property Properties
Property Node Class Name Property Properties
Property Nodes[] Control Properties
Qualified Name LabVIEWClassControl Properties
Radix Visible? DigitalNumericConstant Properties
Recomposer List[] InPlaceElementStructure Properties
Reserve Callback CallLibrary Properties
Right Shift Register LeftShiftRegister Properties
Scrollbar Visible? Formula Properties
Scrollbar Visible? StringConstant Properties
Selected Items in Tree Project Properties
Selected Type PolymorphicSubVI Properties
Selection End[] ArrayConstant Properties
Selection List[] TopLevelDiagram Properties
Selection Start[] ArrayConstant Properties
Selector CaseStructure Properties
Selector PolymorphicSubVI Properties
Selector Visible PolymorphicSubVI Properties
Sequence Locals[] Sequence Properties
Shift Registers[] Loop Properties
Show Selector By Default PolymorphicVI Properties
SimulationDiagram CompanionDiagram Properties
SimulationParameters SimDiagram Properties
Size To Text? PathConstant Properties
Size To Text? StringConstant Properties
Skip Subroutine Call If Busy SubVI Properties
SortKey LVClassPropDefFolder Properties
Stop If True? ForLoop Properties
Stop If True? WhileLoop Properties
Style Node Properties
Subdiagram Label AbstractDiagram Properties
Subdiagram Label Visible FlatSequence Properties
Subdiagram Label Visible Structure Properties
SubVI Setup:Close Front Panel After Call SubVI Properties
SubVI Setup:Open Front Panel When Loaded SubVI Properties
SubVI Setup:Show Front Panel When Called SubVI Properties
SubVI Setup:Suspend When Called SubVI Properties
SubVIs[] AbstractDiagram Properties
Synchronous I/O? GPIBReadWrite Properties
Terminal ClassSpecifierConstant Properties
Terminal Constant Properties
Terminal Control Properties
Terminal Height InPlaceArrayNode Properties
Terminal Height InPlaceClusterNode Properties
Terminals Visible? Function Properties
Terminals Visible? SubVI Properties
Terminals[] Node Properties
Terminals[] SequenceLocal Properties
Terminals[] Wire Properties
Text StringConstant Properties
Timeout Terminal EventStructure Properties
Tip Strip Constant Properties
Tunnel InnerTerminal Properties
Tunnels[] Structure Properties
Type ClassSpecifierConstant Properties
Typedef:Path Constant Properties
Typedef:VI Constant Properties
Typedef:VI Control Properties
Unit UnitCast Properties
Unreserve Callback CallLibrary Properties
Value Constant Properties
VI Name Global Properties
VI Name StaticVIReference Properties
VI Name SubVI Properties
VI Path StaticVIReference Properties
VI Reference SubVI Properties
View As Icon ClusterConstant Properties
View As Icon SubVI Properties
Visible Bounds Diagram Properties
Visible Frame MultiFrameStructure Properties
Visible In Tree ProjectItem Properties
Window State Project Properties
Wire Probe Properties
Wires[] AbstractDiagram Properties
Wiring Rule ParameterTerminal Properties
WiringRules[] ConnectorPane Properties
Write? Global Properties
Write? Local Properties
Adapt Nodes VI Methods
Add Element LeftShiftRegister Methods
Add File ProjectItem Methods
Add Frame MultiFrameStructure Methods
Add In Place Pair InPlaceElementStructure Methods
Add Input Formula Methods
Add Item ProjectItem Methods
Add Item From Memory ProjectItem Methods
Add Output Formula Methods
Add Output After InPlaceClusterNode Methods
Add Output After Unbundler Methods
Add Page PageSelector Methods
Add Shift Register Loop Methods
Add Slider NumericWithScale Methods
AddInputAfter Bundler Methods
Align Selection Panel Methods
Apply Icon To Existing VI Items Library Methods
Assign Control To Terminal ConnectorPane Methods
Attach Probe Wire Methods
Auto Size ClusterConstant Methods
Auto Size Structure Methods
Block Diagram:Get Image Scaled VI Methods
Block Diagram:Remove Bad Wires VI Methods
Browse Variable Dialog Project Methods
Change to Control Constant Methods
Change to Indicator Constant Methods
Change to Shared Variable Node Constant Methods
Change to Shared Variable Node ControlTerminal Methods
Clear Application Builder Cache Application Methods
Clear Compiled Object Cache Application Methods
Clear History VI Methods
Clear Selection Panel Methods
Clear Selection TopLevelDiagram Methods
Clipboard:Empty Application Methods
Close Window Project Methods
Collapse ProjectItem Methods
Connect Wire Terminal Methods
Connect Wires Node Methods
Convert to Auto-populating Folder ProjectItem Methods
Convert:Call By Reference CallByRef Methods
Convert:Start Asynchronous Call CallByRef Methods
Convert:Wait On Asynchronous Call CallByRef Methods
Copy Data Constant Methods
Copy Selection Panel Methods
Copy Selection TopLevelDiagram Methods
Create C File CIN Methods
Create Constant Terminal Methods
Create Control Terminal Methods
Create Described Wire Terminal Methods
Create from Data Type Diagram Methods
Create from Data Type VI Methods
Create from Reference VI Methods
Create Indicator Terminal Methods
Create Shared Variable Node Terminal Methods
Create:Control Reference Control Methods
Create:Invoke Node Control Methods
Create:Local Variable Control Methods
Create:Property Node Control Methods
Debug Connection:Close Debug Connection Application Methods
Debug Connection:List Applications or Shared Libraries Application Methods
Debug Connection:Open Debug Connection Application Methods
Default Values:Make Current Default VI Methods
Delete ProjectItem Methods
Delete Slider NumericWithScale Methods
Deploy Items Project Methods
Disconnect All Terminals ConnectorPane Methods
Disconnect From Library Library Methods
Disconnect From Library VI Methods
Disconnect From Typedef Constant Methods
Disconnect From Typedef Control Methods
Disconnect Terminal ConnectorPane Methods
Distribute Selection Panel Methods
Duplicate Frame MultiFrameStructure Methods
Duplicate Page PageSelector Methods
Empty VI Methods
Expand ProjectItem Methods
Flip Horizontal ConnectorPane Methods
Flip Vertical ConnectorPane Methods
Friends:Add Friend Library Library Methods
Friends:Add Friend VI Library Methods
Friends:Remove Friended VI or Library Library Methods
Get Active VI Reference Application Methods
Get Event Data Node EventStructure Methods
Get Event Filter Node EventStructure Methods
Get Handled Events EventStructure Methods
Get Image Node Methods
Get Library Access Scope VI Methods
Get Property Item Property Methods
Get VI:Is Probe Application Methods
GetPolyCHImage PolymorphicVI Methods
Group Objects Pane Methods
Highlight Initializer FeedbackNode Methods
Hilite In Project Window Library Methods
Icon:Set Library Methods
Insert Node Wire Methods
LabVIEW Class:Create Application Methods
LabVIEW Class:Open Application Methods
Library Tag:Delete Library Methods
Library Tag:Set Library Methods
Library:Create Application Methods
Load Code Resource CIN Methods
Local Project Settings:Delete Item Project Methods
Local Project Settings:Delete Section Project Methods
Local Project Settings:Set Item Project Methods
Lock Objects Pane Methods
Lock State:Set Library Methods
Lock State:Set VI Methods
LVRT:Disconnect From Slave Application Methods
Make Selection Panel Methods
Make Selection TopLevelDiagram Methods
Make Space Pane Methods
Mass Compile Application Methods
Menus:Refresh Application Methods
Move GObject Methods
Move Objects VI Methods
Move Selection Backward Panel Methods
Move Selection Forward Panel Methods
Move Selection To Back Panel Methods
Move Selection To Front Panel Methods
New LabVIEW Document Application Methods
Open Window Project Methods
Open:LabVIEW Document Application Methods
Palettes:Close All Palettes Application Methods
Palettes:Refresh Application Methods
Paste AbstractDiagram Methods
Paste Data Constant Methods
Paste Selection Pane Methods
Pause VI VI Methods
Print:VI To HTML VI Methods
Print:VI To RTF VI Methods
Print:VI To Text VI Methods
Project:New Application Methods
Project:New with Prompts Application Methods
Prototype CallLibrary Methods
Recently Opened:LV Files Application Methods
Recently Opened:LV Projects Application Methods
Refresh Dependencies TargetItem Methods
Relink To VI Global Methods
Relink To VI SubVI Methods
Remove Default CaseStructure Methods
Remove Empty Cases CaseStructure Methods
Remove Frame MultiFrameStructure Methods
Remove Output InPlaceClusterNode Methods
Remove Output Unbundler Methods
Remove Page PageSelector Methods
Remove Probe Wire Methods
Remove State StateDiagramWizard Methods
Remove Structure Structure Methods
Remove Wire Loose Ends AbstractDiagram Methods
RemoveFromSelection TopLevelDiagram Methods
RemoveInput Bundler Methods
Replace GObject Methods
Replace No Attributes GObject Methods
Replace With Shift Register FeedbackNode Methods
ReplaceWithControlOfOtherClass LabVIEWClassControl Methods
Resize InPlaceArrayNode Methods
Resize InPlaceClusterNode Methods
Resize:Add Chunk GrowableFunction Methods
Resize:Remove Chunk GrowableFunction Methods
Revert VI VI Methods
Rotate By 90 ConnectorPane Methods
Save Project Methods
Save As Project Methods
Save Copy Project Methods
Save For Previous Project Methods
Save:Copy Library Methods
Save:For Previous Library Methods
Save:For Previous VI Methods
Save:Instrument VI Methods
Save:Library Library Methods
Save:Run-Time Menu VI Methods
Select All AbstractDiagram Methods
Select All Pane Methods
Select All Panel Methods
Set Conpane VIRefNum Methods
Set Default Case CaseStructure Methods
Set Handled Events EventStructure Methods
Set Method Invoke Methods
Set Properties[] Property Methods
Source Scope:Set Library Methods
Source Scope:Set and Propagate Library Methods
Statechart:Create Application Methods
Statechart:Open Application Methods
Stop Auto-populating ProjectItem Methods
Tag:Delete ProjectItem Methods
Tag:Set Tag ProjectItem Methods
Tag:Set XML Tag ProjectItem Methods
Transaction:Begin Undo VI Methods
Transaction:End Undo VI Methods
Transaction:Fail VI Methods
Transaction:Redo VI Methods
Transaction:Undo VI Methods
Undeploy Items Project Methods
Ungroup Objects Pane Methods
Unlock Objects Pane Methods
Update From Typedef Constant Methods
Update From Typedef Control Methods
User Interaction:Hilight Palette Menu Item Application Methods
User Interaction:Place Object On Cursor Application Methods
User Interaction:Place Palette Object on Cursor Application Methods
User Interaction:Show Palette Object Context Help Application Methods
VI Icon:Save To File VI Methods
VI Icon:Set From File VI Methods
VI Icon:Set From Image Data VI Methods
VI Strings:Export VI Methods
VIs Strings:Export Application Methods
Wiring Rule:Get ConnectorPane Methods
Wiring Rule:Set ConnectorPane Methods
XControl:Create Application Methods
XControl:Open Application Methods


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