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Short name: Event Type

Requires: Base Development System

Classes: Service Request Event, PXI Interrupt Event, GPIB Talk Event, GPIB Listen Event, VXI/VME Sysreset Event, Clear Event, VXI/VME Sysfail Event, GPIB CIC Event, VXI/VME Interrupt Event, USB Interrupt Event, Trigger Event, VXI Signal Event, Generic Event

Returns the unique logical identifier for the event type of the specified event.


1073684491 Service Request
1073684493 Clear
1073684498 GPIB CIC
1073684499 GPIB Talk
1073684500 GPIB Listen
1073684509 VXI/VME Sysfail
1073684510 VXI/VME Sysreset
1073684512 VXI Signal
1073684514 PXI Interrupt
1073684535 USB Interrupt
1073709055 All Enabled
3221168138 Trigger
3221168161 VXI/VME Interrupt


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
Permissions Read Only


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