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Short name: Trigger Id

Requires: Base Development System

Classes: PXI Instr, VXI/GPIB-VXI Backplane, PXI Backplane, VXI/GPIB-VXI/VME RBD Instr, Instr, VXI/GPIB-VXI MBD Instr

Specifies which trigger mechanism to use. In VXI systems, for example, you can choose between software triggers and hardware triggers on a specific trigger line. The default is Software.


-1 Software
0 TTL0
1 TTL1
2 TTL2
3 TTL3
4 TTL4
5 TTL5
6 TTL6
7 TTL7
8 ECL0
9 ECL1


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
Permissions Read/Write


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