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Edition Date: March 2018
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Short name: Send End En

Requires: Base Development System

Classes: TCP/IP Socket, GPIB BoardInterface, USB Instr, TCP/IP Instr, Instr, VXI/GPIB-VXI MBD Instr, GPIB Instr, Serial Instr, VXI Servant

Specifies whether to send an END indicator on the last byte of each write operation. This property is relevant only in VISA Write and related operations. The default is TRUE.

On Serial Instr sessions, if this property is set to FALSE, the write transmits the exact contents of the user buffer, without modifying it and without appending anything to the data. If this property is set to TRUE, VISA performs the behavior described in the Serial Settings property End Mode for Reads (ASRL End In).

On GPIB, VXI, GPIB-VXI, TCP/IP Instr, and USB Instr sessions, if this property is set to TRUE, VISA includes the 488.2 defined end of message terminator.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
Permissions Read/Write


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