Serial Settings:End Mode for Writes

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Short name: ASRL End Out

Requires: Base Development System

Classes: Instr, Serial Instr

Specifies the method used to terminate write operations. Valid values include: (0) None, (1) Last Bit, (2) TermChar, (3) Break. The default is (0) None.


(0) None—The write will transmit the exact contents of the user buffer, without modifying it and without appending anything to the data.

(1) Last Bit—The write will send all but the last character with the highest bit clear and then transmit the last character with the highest bit set.

(2) TermChar—The write will send the character specified as Termination Character after the data transmits.

(3) Break—The write will transmit a break after all the characters for the write have sent.


0 None
1 Last Bit
2 TermChar
3 Break


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Data type
Permissions Read/Write


Not Helpful