What Type of Fuses Does VirtualBench Use?

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Edition Date: January 2017

Part Number: 371526G-01

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VirtualBench has two replaceable fuses that protect the device from overcurrent through the DMM current connectors. Two pairs of the fuses are included in the VirtualBench Fuse Replacement kit.

VirtualBench Replacement Fuses

Accessory  Part Number 
 VB-8012   VB-8034/8054 
VirtualBench Fuse Replacement Kit
(contains two pairs)
784476-01 784477-01

The VirtualBench Fuse Replacement Kit is not sold in Japan. The following table contains specifications for the fuses in the replacement kit. Fuses can also be ordered directly from the suppliers listed in the table.

 VirtualBench   DMM Current Connector  Fuse
VB-8012 A T 10A H 250V (5 x 20 mm) fuse (Bussmann part number S505H-10-R at www.cooperindustries.com)
mA T 1.25A H 250V (5 x 20 mm) fuse (Bussmann part number S505H-1.25-R at www.cooperindustries.com)
VB-8034/8054 A F 11A 1000V (10.3 x 38 mm) fuse (SIBA part number 5019906.11 at www.siba-fuses.com)
mA T 1A H 400V (5 x 20 mm) fuse (Littelfuse part number 0477001.MXP at www.littelfuse.com)
Note Note  If the Digital Multimeter (DMM) always reads about 0.00 A or 0.00 mA when measuring current, the cause may be a blown fuse.

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