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Requires: FPGA Module

Clears and enables the peer-to-peer writer and reader FIFOs in a peer-to-peer streaming session. Wiring either a writer or reader FIFO to this node enables both the writer and reader in the streaming session.

This node waits until both the writer and reader FIFOs are enabled. If the peer-to-peer stream is already in an enabled state, this node does nothing.

This method is only available with peer-to-peer FIFOs. Use the FIFO Method Node to implement this method.


FIFO In specifies the FIFO. You can wire a FIFO control, FIFO constant, VI-Defined FIFO Configuration node, or the FIFO Out terminal of another FIFO Method Node to FIFO In.
FIFO Out returns FIFO In if FIFO In is wired. Otherwise, FIFO Out returns the FIFO that you specify in the FIFO Method Node.

Enable (FIFO Method) Details

Considerations for Single-Cycle Timed Loops

Because this node waits until the peer-to-peer reader and writer FIFOs are enabled, you cannot use this node in a single-cycle Timed Loop. If you use this node in a single-cycle Timed Loop, LabVIEW reports a code generation error when you try to compile the FPGA VI.


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