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Owning Palette: FIFO Functions

Requires: FPGA Module

Use the FIFO constant to specify a FIFO item on the block diagram.

Use the Configure FIFO Name Control Type dialog box to configure the FIFO constant.

To reference a FIFO resource using the FIFO constant, you must add a target-scoped, DMA, or peer-to-peer FIFO under the FPGA target in the Project Explorer window.

The pull-down menu that appears when you click the arrow on the FIFO constant lists only the FIFO items that appear in the Project Explorer window under the same FPGA target as the active VI and that match the configuration of the constant. When you select an item from the pull-down menu, the configuration of the constant matches the configuration of the item you select from the pull-down menu.

You also can use the FIFO control to specify a FIFO item on the block diagram.

Note  Although the FIFO constant looks the same as the FPGA clock constant, FPGA I/O constant, and Memory constant on the block diagram, each constant represents a distinct data type.


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