VI-Defined FIFO Configuration Node

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Owning Palette: FIFO Functions

Requires: FPGA Module

Represents a VI-defined FIFO. Right-click the node and select Configure to configure the VI-defined FIFO.


FIFO Out returns the FIFO you specify in the FIFO Properties dialog box.

VI-Defined FIFO Configuration Details

Use the Read and Write methods to read from or write to the VI-defined FIFO. FIFOs are initially empty. If you reset the FPGA VI, LabVIEW clears the FIFO.

If you use a VI-defined FIFO in a reentrant FPGA VI, LabVIEW creates a separate copy of the FIFO for each instance of the VI to avoid resource conflicts.

You can create a VI-defined FIFO with the same name as a target-scoped FIFO or DMA FIFO. You also can create VI-defined FIFOs with the same name in different VIs. However, you cannot create multiple VI-defined FIFOs with the same name in the same VI.


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