Clock Selections Page (Component-Level IP Properties Dialog Box)

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: FPGA Module

In the Component Level IP Properties dialog box, select Clock Selections from the Category list to display this page.

Use this page to link each ToCLIP clock port defined by the CLIP to a clock on the FPGA target. You can link ToCLIP clock ports to FPGA target clocks in the following ways:

  • Add the FPGA target clock manually to the LabVIEW project before linking from this page.
  • Click Create Necessary Clocks to add the appropriate FPGA target clock and link to it automatically.

This page includes the following components:

  • Component-Level IP Clock—Lists clock(s) you defined in the CLIP declaration XML file.
    • Clock Name—Lists the names of the defined clocks.
    • Clock Requirement—Displays the requirement for the FPGA target clock as the CLIP declaration XML defines it. The CLIP declaration XML can specify three types of clock requirements:
      • A single clock frequency
      • A clock within a frequency range
      • A specific clock under the FPGA target
        Note  In order to specify this type of clock requirement, you must add the SpecifyTargetClock tag to the CLIP declaration XML file manually.
    • Connection—Displays the current FPGA target clock associated with the defined CLIP clock. If no available FPGA target clock meets the Frequency requirement, this field displays the following message:

      No Appropriate Clock
    • Frequency—Displays the frequency at which the CLIP clock runs for the current instantiation of the CLIP.
  • Frequency—Specifies an override frequency for a CLIP clock that you select in the Clock Name column if that clock has a Clock Requirement of a frequency range. The override frequency must fall within the required range. If the clock has any other type of Clock Requirement, this field displays the required clock frequency and cannot be edited.
  • Connection—Lists clocks available on the FPGA target.
  • Create Necessary Clocks—Creates FPGA target clocks that meet the Clock Requirement for any defined ToCLIP clocks without associated FPGA target clocks in the Connection column and links these clocks to appropriate CLIP clocks automatically. If you have defined CLIP clocks with a frequency range clock requirement, you must specify single clock frequencies for these clocks before clicking Create Necessary Clocks.
    Note  Clocks you create by clicking Create Necessary Clocks remain available even if you close the Clock Selections Page by clicking Cancel.


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