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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371599P-01
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Requires: FPGA Module

The Compilation Status window appears when you compile an FPGA VI. If you have compiled a build specification already, you can right-click the build specification and select Display Compilation Results from the shortcut menu to display this window.

Use this window to view status and compilation information for the FPGA build specification. You also can use this window to disconnect from the compile server or cancel the compilation.

This window can include the following components, depending on your specific FPGA target:

  • Build Specifications—Lists the build specifications that are compiling or have compiled during this session of the Compilation Status window.

    To remove a build specification from this list, right-click the build specification and select Remove from List from the shortcut menu.
  • Status—Displays the progress of the FPGA VI compilation.
  • Last Update Time—Displays the last time the compile server updated the information.
  • Reports—Specifies the type of compiler information you want to view. Not all reports are available at the beginning of the compilation. A message appears in the Compilation Status window when reports become available to view. You can select from the following reports, depending on your specific FPGA target:
  • Save—Saves the final compilation status report to a file. The Save button is available only for the Xilinx log report and only when the compilation is complete.
  • Investigate Timing Violation—Displays the Timing Violation Analysis window. This button is available only if a timing violation occurs.
  • Investigate Compilation Errors—Opens the support document on about interpreting common Xilinx compilation errors in the FPGA Module. This button is available only if a compilation error occurs.
  • Cancel Compilation—Cancels the compilation of the build specification you select in the Build Specifications list.
  • Close—Closes the Compilation Status window. Use the pull-down menu on this button to close the window with the following options:
    • Close Window (default)—Closes the window and continues communicating with the compile server.
    • Disconnect All—Disconnects LabVIEW from the compile server. Any compile jobs running will continue, but LabVIEW will not receive any updates. Disconnect from the compile server when you want to shutdown LabVIEW. You do not need to disconnect from the compile server to perform other operations in LabVIEW while the FPGA VI is compiling.
    • Cancel All Compilations—Cancels the current compile jobs.
  • Switch to mini view—Shrinks the Compilation Status window to show only the Build Specifications list.
  • Switch to full view—Expands the Compilation Status window to its full size.


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