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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: FPGA Module

Right-click an FPGA target in the Project Explorer window and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display the FPGA Target Properties dialog box. Select Execution Mode from the Category list to display this page.

Use this page to select the execution mode of the FPGA VI. The Simulation and Simulation with Real I/O options are useful for debugging an FPGA VI because you can test the logic of an FPGA VI before compiling the FPGA VI.

This page includes the following components:

  • FPGA Target—Executes the FPGA VI on the FPGA target.
  • Simulation—Specifies whether to Use Simulated I/O or Use Custom VI for FPGA I/O when executing the FPGA VI on a development computer.
    • VI Path—Specifies the path to the custom VI for FPGA I/O. This option is available only if you select Use Custom VI for FPGA I/O.
    • New VI from Template—Creates a new custom VI. LabVIEW calls the custom VI whenever FPGA I/O Nodes, FPGA I/O Property Nodes, or FPGA I/O Method Nodes execute on the block diagram of the FPGA VI. You can use the custom VI as part of a test bench.
    • Open VI—Opens the custom VI you specify in the VI Path.
  • Simulation with Real I/O—Executes the FPGA VI on the development computer using I/O from the FPGA target. Some FPGA targets do not support this option. Some FPGA targets that support this option do not support all I/O resources.
  • Third-Party Simulation—Executes the FPGA VI in an installed third-party simulator. Select this execution mode to enable cycle-accurate simulation.


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